Sunday, February 27, 2011

An awesome haul of unique MOTU items! forum member Joseephus sent me an awesome package that contained several unique Masters of the Universe items! The stuff he sent me was so cool that I had to share with everyone! And to brag just a little bit. ;) Let's take a look at what all was included:
He-Man and Skeletor figure erasers! I LOVE these guys! I actually have a small collection of these erasers already, with a few of them still MOC. But I did not have a nice, clean He-Man or Skeletor. So adding these to my MOTU shelf is fantastic!

A Battle Cat Stamper! I have never had any of these before! Stampers like this were once very common. It's a small, non movable figurine on top of a little stamp pad.

Of course since he's nearly 30 years old, he's all dried out. But he is awesome to have nonetheless!

Now these I have never seen before! They are miniature knock-off Metorbs! How freakin cool is that? They are tiny...about an inch or so tall. They are made of a very flimsy, cheap feeling plastic. But they function just like the meteorbs, able to fold up into eggs. The set includes an alligator, a bird, and two things that are quite difficult to identify. I'm guessing a bulldog and a bear! I LOVE these!

And now for some really unique pieces! Joseephus sent along a few custom creations of his very own! First up is this awesome Horde Logo shield that snaps right on Hordak's wrist! Hordak always needed a shield, so this is awesome!

And then, it's two custom versions of Imp, Hordak's sidekick from the Filmation toon! Both of these represent shapes Imp took in the show: a bush and an apple! These are such cool and unique little pieces, and they are now proudly displayed on my shelf next to Hordak and Grizzlor!

A HUGE thanks to Joseephus for his generosity! These pieces are all a lot of fun! I love adding fun and unique items like this to my collection!

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joseephus said...

Hey Dan!

I am so glad you like your items. I don't know how, but when you take pictures you make the items look better than what I sent you. Well enjoy your stuff, and I can not wait to see your future video review:-)