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Friday, September 7, 2007

Are you ready for a completely random nerd thought?

Everybody is familiar with that famous scene in Return of the Jedi, where Princess Leia shows some major skin in that ever so sexy golden bikini. Cos players around the world are constantly attending conventions, dressed just like the enslaved princess.

But consider this unnecessary question: Why does Jabba the Hutt prefer his slave women to be near-naked?
First, let me say that I am NOT complaining about Leia's outfit, or the idea of sexy, near-naked slave women. All I am doing is question why the giant, slug-like Hutt prefers scantily clad humanoids. Leia isn't the only one. Look at all of the slave women in Jabba's palace. Oola, the green skinned Twi'Lek dancer, was wearing so little clothes that her boobs were just flopping right out. And yes, you can see this happening if you look real close. I'll pause a moment so all of you can run to you DVD's and hit pause...

...See! I told you! Any way, back on track. Even the chicks in the song sequence in the Special Edition are dressed this way. They aren't all human, but they are all humanoids.

You'd think that Jabba would be attracted to female Hutts. I mean, would it even be possible for a Hutt to mate with a humanoid female?

Don't judge me. If you haven't already thought of this pointless question at one time, you're certainly thinking about it now.

And on that note, I'm finished. My job is complete for the day.

Until next time...