Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten Playsets I'd Like To Add To My Collection

I've really been into grabbing playsets for my collection this past year or so. I really like having backdrops for displaying my figures. The problem is that I don't have the room to display these huge hunks of plastic. But that hasn't stopped me yet.

Playsets are a bit of a lost art these days. You just don't see the same large, exciting fortresses and bases any more. I think that is part of their charm for me.

So, here is a list of ten playsets that I really want to add to my collection, in no particular order.

Crystar Crystal Castle

Everything from the Crystar line is just so cool. It's no secret that I have a bit of a thing for translucent action figures, so how could I not love this line? I have a few of the figures, and hope to get more, but what I really want is the Crystal Castle! It's one giant hunk of translucent blue plastic in the shape of a castle! The problem is that these are pretty hard to find, like the figures themselves. And when they do show up on the 'bay, they usually get pretty pricey. One of these days...

Computer Warriors Book Playset
I've been a big fan of this obscure line form Mattel for years now, and recently acquired the large Computer Playset from this line (thanks Rob!). But there is still this mid-sized playset that I would absolutely love to add to my toy shelf. But just like it's big brother, this set is also hard to come by. I do a pretty regular search for Computer Warriors stuff just to see what turns up, and I think I've only seen this set show up a handful of times.

Star Wars Death Star
There's actually several Star Wars playsets that I don't have and would love to own. But I think the one I'd like to have the most is one that is probably considered the "ultimate" Star Wars playset: The Death Star. It's simple in design, yes, but that may just very well be the charm of this one. Plus with those multiple levels, it can still easily be used to display several of your Star Wars action figures, even from today's line!

2003 TMNT Sewer Lair
The original Ninja Turtles Sewer Home playset from Playmates is among my all time favorite playsets. The 2003 line up of TMNT action figures were very cool, and when they were in stores I often saw this new version of the Sewer Home on store shelves. I always toyed with the idea of buying it, but could never get myself to drop the $50. Looking back, I realize that was a mistake! This huge home base looks incredibly cool, and has become a little more costly to buy these days.

Thundercats Cat's Lair
Talk about a HUGE playset that I wouldn't have room for! Have any of you seen one of these in person? I actually just saw one with my own eyes for the first time at a recent toy show, and couldn't believe how massive it was! Even though I have no where to put this thing, I absolutely must get one some day! It's just too cool, and would be a perfect backdrop for my Thundercats toys!

He-Man Starship Eternia
It's one of two Eternia's that I want to own! In my mission to complete my Masters of the Universe collection, this is one of the few remaining playsets that I need! I actually love Nordor, the other large playset from the New Adventures of He-Man line. And this one, I feel, looks cool as well! And it's another large one...just look at thing when it's folded out! Do want!

Star Trek TNG Bridge
Playmates line of Star Trek TNG figures are seriously cool! I loved the style and playability of the figures, and the various ships and playsets released made this line just so much fun to collect. One playset I always wanted but never got was the Bridge itself! This little plastic reproduction of the Enterprise D's main command station would look great as a display piece on the shelf, occupied by all of my TNG figures!

Sectaurs Hyve
Here is another monster of a playset! The Sectaurs Hyve is HUGE, and another one that is pretty hard to come by these days! I had an opportunity to grab one for around $200 over the summer, but as usual, I could not pull the trigger on spending that much money, even though that was a pretty good deal. Eventually, I'm going to drop the cash, because I need another large playset that won't fit anywhere in my toy room. :)

TMNT Technodrome
If you listen to the It Figures! podcast, watch That New Toy Smell, or ever ever had a conversation with me, then you probably know how much I want a Technodrome. The sad story with this is that I had one as a kid, and I loved it. I got rid of it was all my childhood TMNT figures, but bought another one around 2001 when I got really into collecting. Well, in order to get some money at one point, I sold my Technodrome again...and now here I am wishing to have it for a third time.

Masters of the Universe Eternia
It's like the Holy Grail for MOTU fans. It's the one playset I have been hoping for for years and years. Recently, I stated on the It Figures! podcast that my News Year's resolution for 2011 was to finally buy this playset and add it to my collection. I don't know how possible that really is for me, since it's not a cheap set, but I certainly would love to actually make good on that resolution! This will happen though...one day, I will own this playset. It is my destiny.
So, what do you think? Good list? Do you have any of these? Do you want to brag about it to make me jealous? Or do you want to be super cool and send them to me cause I'm wicked awesome? Leave me a comment! Tell me what playsets YOU want to add to your collection!


deano said...

a few i expected to be on the list, though i will say this is the first time i've seen cat's lair.

I had the one for the mini figs but never knew they made one for the main line

NetLex said...

I gasped at the box art for Cat's Lair. Good stuff!

Link said...

I'll admit that I actually HAD the Cat's Lair way back in the day. I think I worked for my uncle for a month to get the money up for it and I remember it being just simply massive! But, then again, it had to be massive because, if memory serves, wasn't the Thundercats figures a little larger than standard sized anyways?

But it was awesome. I was saddened when it broke as I was roughhousing around with my cousin.

ADPriceless said...

Some good choices Dan - No love for the Voltron Castle of Lions or Bravestarr Fort Kerium?

Pixel Dan said...

Castle of Lions is actually on my want list as well...I just limited myself to 10 choices for this blog. :) Fort Kerium is also an incredibly cool playset. I, unfortunately, do not own any Bravestarr figures though. *gasp!* Perhaps I need to remedy that...

razorsedge660r said...

the hyve playset is def on my want list too, i saw one the other day at a collectors shop in pa, and it is by far one of the biggest playsets i have ever seen, with the exception of the USS flag or the defiant playsets from gijoe

Jack Teiwes said...

Oh Dan, you HAVE to get BraveStarr figs! I don't own fort Kerium or the Stagecoach, but I have all the character figures including Thirty-Thirty. I recently got mine out of mothballs when I belatedly got the awesome BCI DVDs and got totally stoked about BraveStarr again, having never actually seen too many eps as a kid. Seriously, one of the coolest opening titles (and songs!) of any '80s animated series.

I was really surprised how large the figs were: I mean, I remembered that they were bigger than average, but not THAT big! They have fantastic articulation, too -- something I don't think I really appreciated as a child.
I was also really surprised what good condition my originals were in... not too worn at all.

The other neat thing about BraveStarr from a collecting standpoint is that it was a (sadly) short-lived line, so there's not actually all that much of it you'd need to collect.
Oh, and the life-size roleplay neutra-lasers are HAWSUM!