Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An idea for Mosquitor's "blood" in Classics

I've had a few days to stew over the realization that when Mosquitor is released in Masters of the Universe Classics, he won't have any liquid in his chest. While I still think that sucks, I've been talking with folks about possible ideas that would work instead. One of the most popular ideas seems to be a clear red resin complete with air bubbles inside his chest, so that it looks like liquid. I do really like this idea, and I would deem this acceptable if this is the route that Mattel goes.

But as I was thinking, another idea suddenly struck me. An idea that I really like. And who gave me this idea?

This guy.

Mutagen Man from the classic TMNT toy line is among my favorites. He features a hollow, translucent body filled with organs that you could fill with your own water! If a similar method was used for the new Mosquitor, I think it would actually look very cool! Just give us a removable, translucent red chest cavity that we can fill with our own water if we want to. This way if we wish to do so, we can still display our figure with a real liquid inside!

Do it, Mattel! You know it's a good idea!


Jack Teiwes said...

Neat idea, Dan!
Although I would suggest that a clear panel would be better than a red-tinted one; that way you could put water with red food-colouring in it, instead of it just looking like water behind a red gel.

Personally, I'd prefer the resin idea, but I bow to your superior passion on the subject! said...

Mutagen Man was DA BOMB!!!!! I still got that bad boy in my collection! Yeah you could just fill him with water and be all set to go. I don't think I ever did that cuz I wanted the figure in original condition, but this is a good idea.

You're making me wanna bust out my vintage TMNT now! HAHAH!