Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mosquitor won't have blood-feature when he is released in MOTU Classics...

We just got our most recent Ask Matty answers from Mattel over at When I read their answer to question #2, I felt my heart break a little.

2) If you guys ever do the MOTU characters Slush-head & Mosquitor for the Classics line (which Im quite certain you will do the latter at some point) , do you think it's possible that these figures still have their "inner liquid" feature, and if so, are you concerned about possible leakage?

It is very doubtful they will have water in them. More realistically they will be handled like Battle Armor figures with swappable plates.

No liquid at all? That is a serious disappointment for me.

As most of you are well aware, Mosquitor is my absolute favorite MOTU figure. As a kid, he was the figure I always carried around with me, and it was that awesome blood pumping action feature that made him so appealing. I have been dying to see this guy get the Classics treatment. I always feared that the chances of him having this action feature were slim to none. But after seeing Roboto get his rotating gears, new hope was found.

But no we get this announcement. *sigh* Don't get me wrong, Ill be happy just to get Mosquitor in the line. But the lack of real liquid in his chest cavity is always going to be a bit of a disappointment for me.

So what do you think? How do you think Mattel should handle Mosquitor sans real liquid?


Anonymous said...

They need to re-think that one over a little bit. We can have turning gears in Roboto but we can't have water in a figure? What will they say next? No spray for Kobra Khan?!

Brian Howe said...

I'm also concerned with dragon blaster skeletor... It sounds like we're just getting 'bare-boned' out of everything. I really think 'the people' need to petition the heck out of this really horrible decision... and flocked panthor while we're at it.

Anonymous said...

wait...what did they do for the 200x figure or mini statue whatever you wanna call them?

Pixel Dan said...

The NECA staction just had a translucent red piece on his chest. It looked cool, and worked for a statue. But I was hoping for something better for the figure.

It sounds like they are going to go the route of swappable chest plates, like with BA He-Man. If they do this, I hope they at least use a translucent resin with air bubbles in it, so that it still looks like liquid.