Saturday, January 22, 2011

A sneak peek at the next MOTU Classics figures

I came home late last night to a nice surprise sitting on my porch. It was full of the latest review samples from Mattel! Included were several new Masters of the Universe Classics figures. I was quite shocked to see more than just Bow in there!

My computer has been giving me some issues tonight, so I haven't been able to get the editing done I was hoping to. I did spend the time I was off my computer getting all of my filming done, however. So until I am able to get the review videos done and uploaded, here are a few sneak peek photos I snapped.

I am absolutely in love with that Cosmic Key! It's damn sexy! I award this best accessory in the line so far. Ranked even higher than Scare Glow's key.

Expect to start seeing these videos pop up tomorrow evening on and!


Mr said...

Great still shots! I dare say that I actually am starting to like the vintage head more than the one sculpted after the Style Guide. To me, it just seems to fit his character a little better as a nobleman from Etheria.

AJ said...

LOVE that shot of Panthor, the way the light catches the metallic paint of the helmet! AWESOME!!

And the Vintage Head of Bow is superb! Easy choice for me! that head AND the heart! (I aint scared of Hearts!)