Monday, December 17, 2007

Videos are coming. I promise!

My computer is on the fritz right now. Bad capacitors meant I had to buy a new motherboard, and now I'm fighting with getting it installed. Not only has this halted and probably completely scrwed up several of my Christmas gifts that I was planning on getting made, but this also has haulted the production of several video projects I've been working on. And it sucks, because I have this terrible itch to edit video, and I just can't right now.

I figured I'd go ahead and let you all know about some of the items I have already started filming, editing, writing, or just thinking about that I plan to get finished and released as soon as my computer functions properly again.

1) Plastic Treasures. I know, I've been promising this one for a very long time. I sort of got side tracked by other ideas. I'm in this weird funk right now where I keep coming up with a video idea, and just where I get to the point of getting started on it, I get another idea that I run with instead. It's weird. I can't seem to keep straight. But, the good news is that I started filming and recording voice overs for the first episode of Plastic Treasures! The first 2 episodes of the show will deal with the many different versions of He-Man there have been in toy form! It should be fun! After that, I will probably take Plastic Treasures a different direction, and talk about some more obscure stuff. I've wanted to do a piece on the Food Fighters for a long time now!

2) Video Game Collectibles. I got this idea while filming my last "Closet" video for ScrewAttack. I've decided to start work on a show that discusses a part of video game collecting you don't hear about as much: toys and other collectibles! Good news is that I have already started filming this one, too. Bad news is that it still needs a lot of work. Hopefully it'll see release in January.

3) Bargain Toy Review. I did my first one of these vids just because I was bored, and to be honest, I didn't even think it turned out so well. But, some e-mails I received on YouTube about the video have encouraged me to do a few more of these. I'm going to put a little more into it this time, to make it more entertaining, and less like I'm rambling about crappy toys. I already have ideas floating around for this one, but nothing concrete yet.

4) More random, fun vids. There have been too many times where I've been in a situation and said "Damn, this would make a great video! I wish I had my camera!" So, the solution is that I'm going to start filming everything. Any idea I think might be cool, I'm going to run with it and film it. Anything that looks like it'd make a great video, I'm going to film it. Who knows, I might get strike gold.

That's mainly what's running through my head at the moment. I'm also thinking about doing something with Independent Wrestling. Not sure what, though. I'd like to put together a DVD of my best stuff, maybe with some added bonuses. But, I'm also considering some type of behind the scenes documentary, or something. If I can get the approval. Idunno. I need more thought on that one.

If any one has any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to comment me here or e-mail me at

If you want to see my videos, be sure to check out and search for Mandalorian30, or head on over to my YouTube Page!

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