Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Project playlist. Sweet.

Sitting at work all day can definitely get boring without the help of some music to help pass the time a little quicker. When the batteries die in your MP3 player, or you just get sick of the songs on there but keep forgetting to take it home to update, what do you do? Well, if you are lucky enough to have Internet access, you hop onto Google, and do a search for a place where you can listen to some streaming music online. And if you're lucky, you find a website called Project Playlist.

I stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago, and am so glad that I did! Project Playlist is a site that basically allows you to create your very own play list of whatever music you can find in their search engine. You get 75 songs per play list, and if you fill that up and want more, you can create another play list! It's completely free, and totally worth it!

The search engine on the site is fairly good, too. I have been able to find just about anything that I have wanted to find so far. There are a few things I have been unlucky with, but for the most part I am happy with my findings.

Here, take a peep at my play list! Give it a listen! You find an awesome variety of music, from rock to video games to cartoon themes!

Something else pretty cool about Project Playlist is the fact that you may end up discovering some new music or bands that you like. I found a group called the Mini Bosses, who do nothing but play old NES music. they sound fantastic, and after following a link from PP to their website, I just may end up ordering one of their CD's! You can check out some of their stuff on my play list up there!

You can also find some obscure stuff. My buddy Devall will appreciate this one. You see, I'm a big fan of Disney stuff. Not just the stuff from the movies, but mostly the stuff from the theme parks. The sounds in places like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot are amazing to me, and I have always wanted to have them. Well, I was lucky enough to find a bunch of that stuff right there on Project Playlist! Hurray for the Space Mountain music!

I highly recommend that you guys check it out. It's totally worth it! And you can post your play list pretty much where ever you want, or just launch the standalone player for yourself!



DiRT said...

This sounds a lot like , except Finetune has a Wii player, for streaming music to your home theater system!

Mandalorian30 said...

Oh, that sounds cool too! I'll have to go check that out! Thanks for posting!