Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Classic cartoons still breathe on Revver!

While recently searching through videos on Revver, I came across a gold mine. An account called Tooncast has an entire collection of vintage cartoons just waiting to be watched! I knew right away that this was a spectacular find, and I immediately started clicking each video to watch!

I love old cartoons. There is just something so special feeling about them. A lot of modern cartoons just don't do it for me. And while I love all of the classics from the 1980's and early 1990's, since that's when I grew up, I have always had a special love for vintage cartoons from years before I was even around.

It's pretty amazing watching some of these cartoons. You can really tell how standards have changed these days. Our society is so different now, that some of these cartoons would be taboo or offensive to some people now. I personally think that's a shame, because it's obvious that these classic shows were not meant to offend, but merely meant for harmless entertainment. People get too easily offended now. An example of a classic toon that may fit that description is "Santa's Surprise". The depiction of the character's ethnicity's alone would probably have people in an uproar if it were made today. But it's so obvious that the actual message is a good one. "Stop Driving Us Crazy" is another one that I could see causing some problems today, simply because of the religious overtones. But again, the message is clearly a good one, so there really should be no problem. Ah, how things have changed.

A lot of these toons are great to watch, not just to see just how different the standards were back then, but also for the nostalgia of it. I was surprised to find some cartoons that were recognizable from my childhood. They were made before my time, but I had lots and lots of video tapes as a kid that I would watch over and over. "Somewhere in Dreamland" is one of those cartoons. I had not seen in since I was probably 6 years old. But I still remembered it completely after seeing it again, and it brought a smile to my face. There are also a slew of Merrie Melodies cartoons on there, which are always a great watch! "A Corny Concerto" is one of my favorites!

And, since we're almost at Christmas, you should check out the great collection of holiday cartoons as well, such as "A Visit From St. Nick," "The Three Little Dwarfs," and this awesome pre-Rankin & Bass "Frosty the Snowman" cartoon!

You should definitely head on over and check out all of the great videos posted by Tooncast over at Revver! It definitely should not be missed!


Christina said...

I totally had a VHS Tape that had both Santa's Surpise and Somewhere In DreamLand on it! I use to love those videos. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice find.