Thursday, October 25, 2007

Your Top Ten NES Games!

After watching THIS VIDEO from, I was inspired to come up with my very own list of top ten NES games. just as it states in the video, every one's list is going to be different.There are so many great games out there for the ol' Nintendo Entertainment System, that it'd be a shame for everyone to have the same top ten! I wrote down a lot of NES game titles, and thought back on all of my wonderful memories with the system to come up with my personal top ten, and I think I finally have it. So, without further adieu, here is Mandalorian30's Top Ten NES Games!

Jackal was the first game I bought for my NES as a kid (not counting the SMB/Duck hunt combo that came with the system.) You control a military jeep battling your way through each stage blowing up tanks and running over enemy soldiers as you battle to rescue your captured men and take them to safety. The game is a pure blast to play with 2-players, and to this day, it's still a fantastic game.

9)Maniac Mansion
Ever played this one? It's a pure treasure on the NES. It is so in-depth and detailed for an 8-bit NES game. You get your options of choosing your own team of 3 characters at the beginning of the game. Who you choose determines the tasks you are able to accomplish during the game, and effects the ending as well. Full of humor and great game play, this one is a must have in my opinion.

8)River City Ransom
I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time at first deciding whether to put this game in this spot, or Double Dragon. But thinking back, I played and enjoyed River City Ransom far more. This was my all time favorite beat-em up game on the NES. 2-players is fantastic fun. The ability to buy books to learn new moves, and the many different weapons you can pick up and use are excellent. Plus, it has the same sprites as Super Dodge Ball, which I'll get to in a little bit.

I never had the Mike Tyson version. But despite the end boss being different, it's the same game. And a great one, at that! I spent many hours in front of my TV playing this one! I practiced so hard, learning ever pattern there was to learn for every awesome character. Don Flamingo, Glass Joe, King Hippo...ahhhhh. What great memories!

6)Super Dodgeball
This is one I don't see on many top ten lists, but I do know that it has a lot of fans. I have many fond memories of playing this one with my dad as a kid. We would play it for hours on end, throwing that ball at each other and knocking ourselves silly, all while making up our own character voices and laughing hysterically. This will always be one of my favorite NES games. I'd highly suggest picking it up if you've never played it.

I'm guessing there is a good chance that even if this isn't on your personal top ten, it's still one of your favorite games. As a kid, everyone loved Contra. And now as an adult, everyone STILL loves Contra. And what's not to love? This game is simply awesome! Good news for fans of the original, if you have a Nintendo DS, get ready for Contra 4! It's going to play just like the original, and already looks phenomenal! I wonder if the Konami Code will work on it?

Surprise you that this one is so high on my list? Well, if you've played it, than it shouldn't. This game is one of my all-time favorite games, no joke! It's just so damned fun! I loved it as a kid,and I love it now. And I still can't get that awesome song from the Moon stage out of my head!

3)Super Mario Bros. 3
Being a fan boy, it was hard for me not to put Super Mario Bros. 2 in this spot. It was a tough call. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for that game, despite the negative looks most gamers give it. But, there's no denying the sheer awesomeness of Super Mario Bros. 3. To this day, it is still THE Mario game to me. None have surpassed it. Sure, Super Mario World for the SNES and Super Mario 64 for the N64 for fantastic, but nothing compares to the first time I sat down with this game. Finding the hidden whistles. Bowser's airships and the Koopa Kids. the freakin' Tanooki Suit! This game rocks!

2)Mega Man 2
I have always been a big fan of the original Mega Man series. I have all 6 for my NES, and have played through them all multiple times. But to me, nothing says "Freakin' awesome" like Mega Man 2! Improving upon the awesomeness of the first game, this game has great game play, awesome bosses, and most of all excellent replay value. I never get sick of this game! And even though Mega Man 3 and 4 are both almost equally as awesome, this one was always my favorite. Metal Man FTW!

1)The Legend of Zelda
You probably saw that coming. But it's the truth. From the moment I laid my eyes on the shiny gold cartridge, I was hooked. Awesome, challenging game play. Fantastic music. And an overall great feel. This instantly became MY game. And to this day, I am one of the biggest Legend of Zelda nerds you will meet. This game was the start of my all-time favorite video game series, and paved the way for many wonderful games. I love this game. I have played through and beat it several times, and it's always a blast. It has certainly earned it's place as my all-time favorite NES game!

So there you have it! That's my personal Top Ten NES Games! honorable mentions go to these other favorites of mine: Double Dragon, Little Nemo: The Dream Master, Blaster Master, Metroid, Ikari Warriors, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Castlevania!

Now, I want to see your list! Tell me your favorite NES games of all time!


Legion said...

I don't have fancy pictures or any descriptions or anything, but here's a quick list I worked up. Also, I puposely avoided games and franchises in your list.

10. Excitebike
9. Solar Jetman
8. Top Gun
7. Gumshoe
6. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
5. Pro Wrestling
4. Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II
3. Battletoads
2. A Boy and His Blob
1. Nightshade

Mandalorian30 said...

Nice! Excitebike and Battletoads were two that I also had written down. I loved those games.

DiRT said...

I love Excitebike and Pro Wrestling. But I also have a soft spot for M.U.S.C.L.E. I've been known to play that for hours.

Jacob Landis "Starman" said...

River City Ransom, Excite Bike, and Battletoads yes. I agree with this list more than the one at

Mike Tysons Punch-Out is one of my favorites as well. Thanks for the memories.